Industrial Utility Board

The Industrial Utility Board is a high- quality and versatile solution designed specifically for industrial environments. Its plain design allows for flexibility and customizability to meet specific requirements, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. With superior construction and reliable performance, this board provides optimal protection against water, dust, and other environmental factors, ensuring safe and secure operation in harsh conditions. Its locking mechanism enhances safety and security, preventing unauthorized access to internal components.

Industrial Utility Board - Plain / IP54 and IP65
Model Enclosure Type Raw Material Dimension (mm) IP Level Ingress Protection
QPE-000052-000 Outdoor ABS 130x240x105 6 IP54
QPE-000053-000 Outdoor ABS 230x300x115 11 IP54
QPE-000054-000 Outdoor ABS 230x360x115 12 IP65
QPE-000055-000 Outdoor ABS 130x240x100 6 IP54
QPE-000056-000 Outdoor ABS 180x360x115 6 IP54
QPE-000057-000 Outdoor ABS 230x300x115 11 IP54
QPE-000058-000 Outdoor ABS 130x350x105 6 IP54
QPE-000059-000 Outdoor ABS 130x460x105 6 IP54
QPE-00005A-000 Outdoor ABS 330x500x155 16 IP65
QPE-00005B-000 Outdoor ABS 330x330x155 16 IP65
QPE-00005C-000 Outdoor ABS 330x685x155 32 IP65


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