Enclosures are widely used to accommodate and to protect the devices against damage risks in electrical and electronics scope as well as to provide electrically safe operation.

Totalien/Qehribar manufactures enclosures made of ABS or metal sheet for such applications in different dimensions such that quantity and dimension of accommodated devices might require. Our products are manufactured a wide range of dimensions, ingress protection (IP) rating, and typical impact resistance up to IK 10.

Our products are recommended for LV and ELV applications. Assembling of devices are also performed if required by client.


  • •    Raw material ABS or metal sheet.
  • •    Metal sheet enclosures are painted to protect against corrosion.
  • •    With or without canopy for outdoor usage.
  • •    Bottom or upper cable entry (left or right-side cable entry requires investigation and redesign accordingly).
  • •    Electrostatic powder coating or galvanized.
  • •    Gland plate as per cable entry location.
  • •    Foamed door gaskets.
  • •    Transparent front cover if required.
  • •    Waterproof/weatherproof.
  • •    Wall-mounted or stand alone.