Experienced engineers consolidate their experience and knowledge to establish TOTALIEN ENDUSTRIYEL since 2012, located in Istanbul TURKEY.

Qehribar trademark under Totalien company is a manufacturer of almost all kind of Junction Boxes and Enclosures, Cable Glands, and Cable Grabs as well as handling the electrical problems which require specific design/solutions.

Client focused Quality Management principles and the studies with common business/product development activities are basics of Totalien/Qehribar to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Totalien/Qehribar organization follows any customer request starting from initiation up to the end, covering quotation, delivery follow up. Totalien can deliver the goods to customer's warehouse, project site or anywhere that customer requests with optional delivery terms such as CIF, DAP, DDP, EXWORK. We gladly support our valuable customers at their projects with our high-quality services.

Our Scope 

ABS/metallic junction boxes and enclosures having mechanical, chemical, thermal, dustproof, waterproof and impact resistance with ingress protection degree of up to IP67.

Gland manufacturing covers polyamide glands, brass glands, nickel-plated glands and stainless-steel glands for industrial and ex-proof applications.

Cable Grab, which is used to grab electrical cables for cable laying, is designed (patent owner) by Totalien/Qehribar. Unique manufacturer of the Cable Grab on the world is Qehribar.

At QEHRIBAR, the secure handling of personal information is our utmost priority, with a strong emphasis on maintaining customer confidentiality. We strive to employ the strongest safeguards to secure the personal details of our client base. This practice extends to our affiliates, guests, and personnel from collaborating institutions and organizations. Adhering to the "Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698", the "Regulation on Processing Personal Health Data and Maintaining Privacy", and pertinent legal principles, we have developed a rigorous policy. This policy ensures accurate management and protection of personal data, thereby fostering an online environment where data security and privacy are key.