Flush Mounted

Made from premium ABS material, it is engineered to withstand harsh conditions and provide long-lasting performance. Its transparent cover allows for quick and easy inspection of the internal components, while the knock-out cable entry design enables convenient cable routing. With their IP rating, this junction box is fully protected against dust and water ingress, making it ideal for use in challenging settings.

Flush Mounted, ABS Blank Cable Entry - IP40
Item Code Raw Material Dimension (mm) Ingress Protection Cable Entry Cover
QPJ-00002U-000 ABS 85x85x45 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-00002V-000 ABS 100x100x45 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-00002W-000 ABS 130x130x55 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-00002X-000 ABS 160x160x65 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-00002Y-000 ABS 200x200x70 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-00002Z-000 ABS 192x152x140 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-000030-000 ABS 294x152x70 IP40 Blank Opaque
QPJ-000031-000 ABS 392x152x70 IP40 Blank Opaque


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