Waterproof and weatherproof junction boxes are the good solution to achieve connection at outdoor as well as indoor applications. Junction boxes from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Strain) polycarbonate and polyester covers variety of waterproof IP ratings. Blank, Knockout type and Grommet type cable entry boxes are available in many dimensions to cover industrial, domestic, and hazardous zone applications.

ABS material performance characteristic has good rigidity, high impact resistance, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength and typical electrical properties like insulation.

Junction boxes made of metal sheet or stainless steel usually applicable at outdoor or high mechanical damage risk or fire risk areas. Metallic junction boxes are protected against corrosion by proper painting.


  • •    Made of high quality ABS-Polycarbonate and Polyester, anticorrosive, anti-static flame-retardant material.
  • •    Good sealing performance ensures waterproof level.
  • •    Anti-aging material having long term service life even outdoor.
  • •    Completely non-toxic.
  • •    Good insulation for electrical safety.
  • •    High mechanical strength.
  • •    Strongly corrosion resistant.
  • •    Wide operational temperature range.
  • •    Lightweight material
  • •    Metallic and stainless-steel junc- tion boxes have high mechanical strength against crash.
  • •    Metallic and stainless-steel junc- tion boxes are very high fire- resistant materials or excessive ambient temperatures