Standard Circular CableGrab

Typical conventional cable-socks and cable-eye assumed to be replaced by Cable Grab in most of the site situations because of manpower optimization.

Expected installation of Cable Grab is 90-120 seconds while the competitors reach up to 30+ minutes approximately. User is recommended also to choose proper Cable Grab for the cable(s) to be laid. The Totalien Company holds the design and patent rights for Cable Grab, a cable management solution that has been developed to optimize wiring.


  • Provides practical use, easy fixing, and removal.
  • Short installation/removal duration.
  • Remove/install in limited space due to small dimension.
  • Heat and flame/fire resistant. High tensile strength and corrosion resistant.
  • Equal pulling force to the cable (not only to outer sheath).
  • Multiple cables laying at one trial.
  • Excellent thermal and good chemical resistance, dimensional stability.
  • Provides the opportunity to use many times, it has a long lifetime.
  • It does not cause any damage to the outer sheath of the cable or cable configuration.
  • Additional feature of Cable Grab, it can be used as a mandrel.
Standard Circular Cable Grab
Model Raw Material Max. Cable Diameter (mm) Min. Cable Diameter (mm) Dimension (WxDIA) Weight Min. Proper Duct Diameter (mm) Coating
QPG-000000-000 CS 130 110 180x180 8 9 Nickel
QPG-000001-000 CS 112 97 150x150 7 8 Nickel
QPG-000002-000 CS 98 84 140x140 6.1 7 Nickel
QPG-000003-000 CS 85 72 120x120 5.4 6 Nickel
QPG-000004-000 CS 73 62 110x110 4.6 6 Nickel


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