Metric Size Stainless Steel Cable Gland

The Metallic (Stainless Steel) Cable Gland is a long-lasting and corrosion- resistant component that is used to hold and protect cables in industrial and commercial settings. It is available in two sizing models: metric and PG, and it can accommodate a variety of cable diameters. Its tough construction makes it suited for use in a variety of critical sectors, including as oil & gas, mining, maritime, and manufacturing. Its long-lasting performance is ensured by its resilience and resistance to external variables, avoiding the need for regular replacements and repair.

Metallic (Stainless Steel) Cable Gland (Metric Size) / IP68
Model Gland Thread Size Raw Material Max. Cable Diameter (mm) Min. Cable Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
QPC-00001U-000 M12x1.5 S.Steel 3 6.5 22
QPC-00001V-000 M16x1.5 S.Steel 4 8 23
QPC-00001W-000 M20x1.5 S.Steel 4 10 26
QPC-00001X-000 M25x1.5 S.Steel 10 14 28
QPC-00001Y-000 M32x1.5 S.Steel 13 18 31.5
QPC-00001Z-000 M40x1.5 S.Steel 18 25 38
QPC-000020-000 M50x1.5 S.Steel 22 32 43
QPC-000021-000 M63x1.5 S.Steel 33 44 48


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